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Ravit Kaplan: Architect & Designer

Ravit Kaplan is an architect and a designer‭. ‬From a young age‭, ‬she has loved to draw‭, ‬build things‭, ‬and play with different materials‭.‬ Ravit's jewelry is inspired by tectonic forms. She draws inspiration from the fusion of natural textures and simple forms. All jewelry is handmade from recycled metals and conflict free diamonds to create sustainable, long lasting beautiful pieces.

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1258 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

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My husband I ordered our wedding bands from Ravit and we absolutely adore them! I customized my band with rose gold and emeralds (the stone of loyalty and success in love). Great quality and just as ordered :) We will treasure them forever!

Hannah @username

My husband and I absolutely live our new wedding bands! They are so beautiful and unique and make us both very happy :)

Tess @username

These pieces are so gorgeous. I know I will keep these earrings forever. They are elegant and beautifully made - worth every penny. My coworkers were even jealous of the box it came in. Thank you!!!s.

lcrispen426 @username

About the Artist

My name is Ravit Kaplan, and I design Jewelry in my San Francisco studio. I am an architect and designer. From a young age, I loved to draw, build things, and play with different materials.  I loved exploring the shapes of objects to reveal their beauty. Geometric forms and symmetries fascinate me.


Jewelry is the place where objects interact with our body to create beauty. In my jewelry designs, I look at how forms interact with us and extend our sense of self

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